The Big Picture

When I think about the distant future, “my life”, there are some things I hope to have, be and do.

I hope to have a grateful heart. I hope to always recognize the infinite blessings around me, and resists against the desensitization of all the beauty. When I inevitably get caught up in the drama and illusion of the everyday, I hope to connect with that post-India gratefulness.

I hope to have a space of my own. A space I love, feel is an extension of me, and is all mine. A place to meditate, draw, paint, read, drink tea.

I will always have biscotti’s, scones or a cookie to enjoy with my lattes and cappuccinos, from a beautifully exquisite coffee machine.

I will have a sun room, so I may connect with nature through four seasons of beauty. I will have a green space with many trees, a place for sunshine, and innumerable flowers. I will make a home for critters of all kinds. A hammock will cradle me and my book in the sunshine.

I will always be near a large body of water. I will have much alone time with the water, always connecting to my mermaid roots. I will meditate and run by this water, drawing from its endless energy.I will constantly nourish, exercise, exert and honour my body. My yoga practice will be ever-evolving.

I will dedicate time, money, food, talents, whatever I can, to those who need it. Helping will be a part of my program.

I will speak. To students, other people, I will share my acquired wisdom, lessons, and tales in an effort to raise the overall vibration of our planet. Promoting gratitude and happiness wherever I can.

Pippa and I will have a dog. He will be my soul mate and best friend.


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