People who get you

I’ve recently decided a big part of what life is about is finding people who get you. Find these people and hang onto them for as long as possible. There is something unspeakably magical about being with someone to whom you need not verbalize your thoughts, rationalize your notions, or forewarn of your actions. There is comfort in being with someone with whom you share a brain wave, one virtually always knowing that the other is thinking.

How do you find these people? You let them find you. You live your life on your own accord, seizing opportunities that allow introductions to new people as they present themselves. Trusting that the universe will do its part in bringing you together.

Once in the company of said person, you will feel an overwhelming sense of comfort. It will not feel as though you just met, rather the opposite. It will seem unlikely that you’ve gone your entire life up until this point without their company. If it is not immediately apparent, it will be shortly. The realization will begin by discovering you enjoy much of the same food, music, colours. You will then easily discover that you share almost identical viewpoints on virtually every aspect of life. Abnormally frequently, he or she will say something at the very moment you are thinking it. Or both of you will chime out identical questions, followed by a smile and disbelieving head shake in response. (For example, “Do you like pad thai?”) Finally, when physical contact inevitably ensues, it will mock anything prior. It will feel as though your lips are touching another for the first time and that until this moment you were living romance  in a parental-guidance

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